One, Sarah Crossan


One by Sarah Crossan (2016)

Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Format: Paperback

Pages: 434

Reading Time: 08/02/17 – 09/02/17

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I read this book over about three hours, I devoured it, it was amazing and it told me the story of something that I had no idea about.

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, they share their wholes lives and this book follows them on some of their journey. They start going to public school and their family are struggling for money. Really the importance of this book is that these are issues lots of people struggle with, but to these girls everything is so much more amplified.

This book is told from the sole perspective of Grace, it is really interesting that we only get one of the twin’s narration and reminds the reader that they are separate people. The structure of this book is more like a poetry book and perhaps why I read it so fast. It is like we are reading a stream of thought, which really makes you think about the narrative in a different way.

I liked that when the girls went to school they were able to find friends and it wasn’t the cliche story about bullying etc. Instead they were able to be normal teenagers for a while and I think this was definitely something that was really important to show to the reader.

*Only read on if you have read the book!*

When I could see the direction this book was taking I started to read it in a different way, I was looking for the fear. But really in the narrative Grace seemed to be accepting of what would happen to her. As the separation got built up more and more I found it harder to read the goodbyes and the way their lives were going to change. And not for a moment did I think that Tippi wouldn’t make it through the process.

I didn’t know how Crossan was going to end this novel, but when the text changed from being on the left side of the page to the middle, I was heartbroken. I couldn’t fathom how Grace would go on without having her sister there, and she never thought that would be a reality she would have to deal with.

I feel like I need to read a follow up novel about how Grace got on without her sister and if she got her transplant. Basically, a lot of feels happened with this book and it was fantastic!

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