Wayfarer, Alexandra Bracken


Wayfarer (Passenger #2) by Alexandra Bracken (2017)

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Historical

Format: Paperback

Pages: 512

Reading Time: 07/01/17 – 19/01/17


This review will 100% have spoilers for both Passenger and Wayfarer. If you have not read this series than I urge you to go and pick it up and rise it to the top of your TBR pile.

I finished this book this morning, so I am writing this review whilst the events of this amazing novel are still fresh in my mind. This of course was the follow up to the fantastically written Passenger, which introduced us to Etta, a scrappy and strong lead. At the end of the first book Etta is orphaned by the time line and Nicholas is setting out to find her, so this is what most of Wayfarer was about.

Lucky for Etta, she gets rescued by Henry, her long lost father! And oh my god I love this guy. Initially I thought maybe he had other motives for looking after Etta, I wondered if perhaps he wasn’t her father at all or he was using her for the wrong reasons. But when she played the violin to the Tsar in front of him and he looked at her with such pride, I knew he was the real deal. Seconds after being able to trust this character he dives over Etta, sacrificing himself to protect her from a bomb… or so we think. After Etta dealing with the issue of leaving her dad to die he only goes and comes back at the end of the book!
I was cheering for her little family being reunited, even if it is a bit of a disjointed one to say the least.

The auction scene is just everything, it was so cool! I loved how each of the characters totally came into their own and fought to defend what they believed to be right. But seriously, Nicholas, what were you thinking? I get that it was probably the best thing in the long run, but you pretty much orphaned everyone! I felt so awful for Etta when she was thrown back into the 21st Century and Alice wasn’t even there for her. I thought Bracken was actually going to leave Etta in this new life she had created for herself and was very relieved to see the ending concluded.

So lets touch on the concert, ending the book where the series began, but on a much happier note. When Etta first saw Rose I felt a wave of relief for her that her mum was alive and she was there, I have a strong relationship with my mum so I couldn’t imagine not having her. Then when we see Henry is there too and looking like the proudest guy in the room, it made my heart melt! I love their father daughter relationship and how much he wished he could have been there for the other parts in her life. Of course by this point I realised Nicholas was going to be there, so yay! Everyone gets their happy ending, we also find out that Sophia has gone off in search of Li Min. But what of Julian? He seems to have disappeared, which I don’t like the idea of, after him supporting Nicholas at the auction and how he helped Etta throughout the whole book. Maybe I just missed that one line that said ‘and Julian was totally happy and safe?’ I hope so!

I haven’t enjoyed being able to immerse myself in a story like this for a long time. I loved being able to get some new history knowledge at the same time as following the crazy adventure in this storyline! It is clear how much research and effort goes into these books and it is very much appreciated. This has put Alexandra Bracken up there as a favourite author of mine, now to buy her other series!

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