Nightfall, Jake Halpern and Pete Kujawinski


Nightfall by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski (2016)

Genres: Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320

Reading Time: 24/10/16 – 27/10/16

★★★☆☆ (3 ½)

Well I wanted something that would scare me in time for Halloween and this did just that. Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

On Marin’s island, sunrise doesn’t come every twenty-four hours – it comes every twenty-eight years. Now the sun is just a sliver of light on the horizon. The weather is turning cold. The shadows are growing long. The dark is rising. And soon it will be Night.

The eerie Evening sunset is causing the tide to begin its slow roll out hundreds of miles, and so Marin, along with her twin brother Kana and the rest of the islanders, must frantically begin preparations to sail south, where they will wait out the long Night. But first the house must be made ready for their departure. Locks must be taken off doors. Furniture must be arranged just so. Tables must be set as if for dinner. The rituals are bizzare – unnerving, even – but none of the adults will discuss why things must be this way. And then just as the ships are about to sail, the twins’ friend Line goes missing. Marin and Kana know where he has gone, and that the only way to rescue him is to do it themselves. And surely the ships will wait?

Because Night is falling. Their island is changing. And something is stirring in the dark.

So this book revolves around the big secret of what is hidden in the darkness? Of course it’s up to Marin, Line and Kana to find out and time for me to be scared of my own shadow. This book was creepy where it needed to be, the allure of what are these things in the dark was perfect for the first half of the book and really had me hooked. However I found that the plot started to fall apart and I lost interest in the later half. And in my opinion the end kind of just fizzled out and ended, there wasn’t really a defining end point and it was fairly predictable.

This book shows a really big devision between children and adults, Marin tries to understand the rules of the island and why they have to leave when it becomes night and her dad is just dismissing her. Here was have a young girl, eager to learn and question what is know because it doesn’t make sense; but she is being oppressed by someone who has the dominance simply because of their age. An interesting reflection on what it is like to be in an ageist situation I think.

However we can see Line, a boy of just fourteen being left to look after his younger brother after his parent’s die. In our current society this would never happen, there would be a protocol set in place to make sure there was some sort of care set up. But in a town where the adults are leading, this boy is left to fend for himself and his brother. Ultimately I think the characters in this book are very selfish, again a reflection of today’s culture perhaps?

The more I think into this book the more I see parallels for the flaws in our lives today, but presented in a very different way. I enjoyed this read, it was a different genre for me to get into and I am glad that I did. If you want something slightly creepy for Halloween then I would give this is a go.

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