Everland, Wendy Spinale


Everland by Wendy Spinale (2016)

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Retelling

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 312

Reading Time: 15/08/16 -16/08/16

★★★☆☆ (3 ½)

Wendy Spinale’s debut novel was something I have been excited about reading for quite a few months now and having finally gotten round to it, I have to say I was a little disappointed! Everland is a Peter Pan retelling and in this sense is very cleverly written, the characters are woven in so subtly, as are the features we all know from the original story. It is the actually writing style that I felt let this novel down for me.

It is obvious that Wendy Spinale is a huge Pan fan, this comes through in her writing and you can tell she has a great passion for the subject. As said, the plot is woven cleverly to interlink with the original tale. I really enjoyed the adaptations of each characters, in particular Bella/Tinkerbell, who we can see on the front cover of this book. And what a beautiful cover this is! I was definitely drawn in by this initially and my curiosity was only furthered when I found out the story idea.

Spinale’s writing is generally fine and very easy to read, hence my speedy reading time on this book. But I felt the description and the following of the plot was poorly done. I found myself picturing a scene in my head as was described and then suddenly two characters are in a totally different place or doing something different to what was previously described, but with no indication to them having moved or changed what they were originally doing. I also felt the progression of the characters relationships happened very quickly, it has been a while since I have read Peter Pan, so this could be mirroring featured of the book. But I felt that characters trusted each other or cared for each other far too quickly given the time frame.

Overall I struggled to form my opinion on this novel, I kept changing between liking it or being annoyed by it. In the end I settled on my three and a half stars because it was a clever adaptation, I just would have liked to seen it thought through a bit more with reference to the writing style and character development.

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