The Marble Collector, Cecelia Ahern


The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern (2015)

Genres: Contemporary, Relationships, Adult Fiction

Format: Kindle

Pages: 304

Reading Time: 26/05/16 – 04/06/16


I approached this book with caution, whilst it is written by one of my favourite authors, I didn’t think the blurb looked very intriguing and in fact the main reason I got it was because it was reduced in the kindle store. However, I did get into the story quite quickly and got engaged in the mystery of Sabrina finding out about her dad.

This book was written from the perspective of two different characters, Sabrina and her dad who has recently had a stroke and has forgotten a lot of his younger life. Sabrina finds out that her dad collected marbles at some point in his life and this book follows her journey to find out more about his hobby. The switching narrative is usually something that I find a distraction when reading, however I found it really interesting to see what Sabrina’s father’s life was like before the present day setting of the book. Cecelia Ahern must have had to do a lot of research into his condition to write the parts of the book where he has forgotten some of his memories. This part of the book was quite emotional to see him forgetting the things and people he once loved.

Sabrina however was a rather annoying character that I did not warm to, she had a few character traits that to me, made her unlikable. She didn’t seem like a strong, independent woman and instead seemed stuck at a part of her life that no one would want to be in. The narrative progression offered a lot of time for her father’s character to grow and engage with the reader, but not so much for Sabrina herself to develop in an a way that I found interesting.

I enjoyed reading this, because it was written by Cecelia Ahern, but I don’t think it would be at the top of my list of her books to recommend – that would definitely be her latest novel, Flawed. I think my time for reading contemporary novels has passed and I am raring to go with some YA fantasy genres.

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