Cinder, Marissa Meyer


Cinder by Marissa Meyer (2012) The Lunar Chronicles #1

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Adventure

Format: Paperback

Pages: 387

Reading Time: 21/01/16 – 26/01/16



Cinder has been on my Wishlist since I settled on the idea of writing about Fairy Tales for my dissertation. I love the worlds they encompass, the fantasy they bring to an otherwise normal life. Cinder is the first in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer, each following a different take on the fairy tales we know so well.

This novel was a great introduction to the series, it captured me from the start. Cinder, despite being legally tied to her stepmother, is constantly independent and strong. She is very capable of standing up for herself and often does, which makes her an even better character. I am sure we have all found ourselves yelling at some version of an oppressed Cinderella character, but in this version she is freed from her constrictions. This is a modern character with modern values, and thus a modernised story line.

The usual role of the hateful stepmother and the spoilt stepsisters has been developed, Peony one of the stepsisters is Cinder’s friend. This is a positive attribute to the story, a more realistic one too perhaps. I also enjoyed that Cinder was adopted into the family, usually having a biological father link. This detachment I suppose aids the narrative and Cinder’s connection to this family, leaving her no links back to her ‘home’.

This was left open for the sequel, which I am excited about! Before I read this I thought each book was a totally different story, but I am happy to see that once I connect with a character they will be following me through at least a little more of the story.

This is a great fantasy and I am glad I picked it up. I was hesitant from the young adult genre, but I have decided if I like a story then I should read it. So this is good for any young adult upwards!

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